Project GIPF will consists of several abstract 2-player games, eventually six in total. Five of these games are published yet: GIPF (1997), TAMSK (1999), ZÈRTZ (2000), DVONN (2002), and YINSH (2003). GIPF is central game of the Project. The plan is to release the last game in 2004, the latest in 2005.

Through Project GIPF, we will provide you with a system that enables you to combine games - not only games from the project itself, but literally every possible existing game or challenge. This system is based upon the use of "potentials". Each game in Project GIPF will introduce its own new potential.

Potentials are additional GIPF-pieces with the "potential" of a particular move. You can use them to change GIPF into many different versions and, on top of that, to connect other games to GIPF. The aim of the project is to offer you a large variety of combinations, so that you can decide for yourself which version of GIPF you want to play at any given moment.

It is very important to understand that these potentials are optional. GIPF, TAMSK, ZÈRTZ, DVONN and YINSH are, in the first place, five separate games and they should always be treated as such. That aside, if you'd like to add an extra twist to GIPF or if you feel like playing a combination of games, you may do so through using potentials.

Playing GIPF with potentials is not obvious; it is something you'll have to get used to. And you'll only get used to it through being surprised by your opponent's potentials. This is a hard way to learn, indeed, but also the most effective one. Hold on for a few games, and suddenly you'll notice how each of the potentials will open up GIPF in a completely different way.

Add potentials to GIPF and you'll find out immediately why they are called "potentials". You bring them into play, but you don't know whether you will be able to use their special ability or not. They can be captured or neutralised, sometimes you must remove them from the board yourself - and sometimes you'll get the opportunity to use one… Just keep one thing in mind: as long as potentials on the board, they remain a threat for your opponent. The more potentials you add to GIPF, the more "potential" danger you create. You'll be amazed how much they'll influence your (and your opponent's) strategy…

Three kinds of potentials have been release yet: the TAMSK-potential, the ZÈRTZ-potential, and the DVONN-potential. The TAMSK-potential has the potential of an extra move, the ZÈRTZ-potential has the potential to jump over other pieces, and the DVONN-potential may jump on top of enemy pieces. If everything goes right, the YINSH-potentials will be released in October 2004. No idea yet with its special power will be!

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