Project GIPF related sites

 Kurt Van den Branden's GF1 site. (ENG)
 The EGO-Site reports about the activities of EGO, a GIPF club in Eindhoven. (ENG)
  André & Lidy run a site mainly dedicated to the moon, soccerclub FC Boom, and GIPF. (NL)
  De Speelduivel is a games club in Leuven (B) that hosts Homo Ludens, and abstract games club. (NL)
  Rio Grande Games distributes GIPF and TAMSK and publishes ZÈRTZ and DVONN in North America. (ENG)
  Heidelberger Spieleverlag distributes the games of project GIPF in Germany. (D)
  Abstract Games Magazine
Abstract Games isn't a virtual magazine, but something *real*: you hold it in your hands, you read the articles printed on paper, you can put it on a shelve or desk or whatever and pick it up whenever you want. It may sound a bit paradoxal, but here's a good tip: go to their website to see what the real thing is all about. If you like abstract games, this magazine is a must have.

What follows next, is just a selection of links to sites with a lot of info about games. The list is not meant to be complete. Each of the sites mentioned below are perfect platforms for a dive into the games world.

Games in general (NL)
  Bordspel. Erwin Broens on games.
  Het Spelmagazijn. Ronald Hoekstra on Games.
  Het VLaams Spellenarchief. A whole team on games.
  Forum. A conglomerate of game culbs in Flanders.
  De speelvogel. Johan Francois on games.
  Boardgame pagina. Nothing but links - and more links.
Games in general (D)
  Spielbox-online. KMW's games portal (the former Spielplatz) that joined forces with the games magazine Spielbox.
  Luding. An enormeous databank.
  Reich der Spiele. Nice and neat, sobre and well-kept.
  H@ll 9000 . Very active games site.
  Poeppelkiste. Brigitte and Wolfgang Ditt on games.

Games in general (ENG)

  Board Game Geek. Very alive and kicking.
  The Games Journal. Webzine run by Greg Aleknevicus.
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