"I was completely cucumbered"

Werner Dupont (B), during the Project GIPF World Championship in Prague.
Quote of the update of December 9, 2008
Werner, being a native Dutch speaker, tried to explain in English that his last pieces were completely surrounded at the ending stage of a game of DVONN, but he didn’t know how to say it. However, he gave it a shot and said: “I was completely cucumbered!” It is still uncertain whether being cucumbered initially meant “being surrounded” or “being in serious trouble”, but by the end of the Project GIPF Championship was commonly understood that a player who was cucumbered had lost his game.

"Poor TAMSK!"

To read here and there on the internet.
Quote of the update of April 5, 2008
About TAMSK being replaced by TZAAR.

"Über alle GIPF, TAMSK, ZÈRTZ, DVONN und YINSH ist ruh!"

Christof Nuyttens (B), paraphrasing Goethe
Quote of the update of October 9, 2004
Something to think about!

"Playing with more than 5 GIPF-pieces is obscene!"

Allan Mertner (DK)
Quote of the update of September 12, 2004
It was said against an opponent who had just introduced his 6th GIPF-piece. In a friendly macth, that was - of course.

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