Ranking Tournament (03)

Het Spellenspektakel (NL)
Organization: Antwerp GIPF Centre
Place: Beursgebouw, Eindhoven (NL)
Date: November 2, 2002
Format: 5 rounds, 15min. player/game
Participants: 12

Werner Dupont

Not so many participants, but, all the same, a very enjoyable tournament - and always good to notice that a few newcomers had joined the troops and gave the more experienced DVONN players a hard time.
Christof Nuyttens (NL) kept his cool and won all of his 5 games in great style. In the first ever DVONN tournament he became second, and in this second tournament he became first. There's some logic in it. Boris Ammerlaan (NL) scored 4 points and claimed the second place. A great result! Newcomers Magreet Docter (NL), Fred Kok (NL) and Marieke Keuten (NL) shared the third place and we may assume that they will become a serious treat to the topplayers in the not too distant future. In other words: will the Dutch DVONN-players be able to do what the Dutch GIPF-players haven't been able to do so far, namely floor the Belgians? To be continued!

Cross table

No  Name                    Fed   R1   R2   R3   R4   R5  

1.  Ammerlaan, Boris        NL    7:W  5:W  6:L 11:W 10:W
2.  Docter, Margreet        NL    8:W 10:L  4:W  3:W  6:L
3.  Druyvensteyn, Arnoud    NL    9:W  6:L  7:W  2:L 11:D
4.  Keuten, Marieke         NL   10:L  9:W  2:L  5:W 12:W
5.  Kok, Fred               NL   11:W  1:L 10:W  4:L  8:W
6.  Nuyttens, Christof      B    12:W  3:W  1:W 10:W  2:W
7.  Stulemeijer, Wynke      NL    1:L 12:W  3:L  8:L  9:W
8.  Stuyck, An              B     2:L 11:L 12:W  7:W  5:L
9.  Van de Perre, Patrick   B     3:L  4:L 11:L 12:D  7:L
10. Van den Branden, Kurt   B     4:W  2:W  5:L  6:L  1:L
11. Wentzler, Angelo        NL    5:L  8:W  9:W  1:L  3:D
12. Wiegman, Arjan          NL    6:L  7:L  8:L  9:D  4:L

Place Name                  Fed  Score   M-B  Buch   Prog

  1   Nuyttens, Christof    B     5      7.5  12.0   15.0
  2   Ammerlaan, Boris      NL    4      7.5  14.5   12.0
 3-5  Docter, Margreet      N     3      7.5  14.5   10.0
      Kok, Fred             NL    3      7.5  13.5    9.0
      Keuten, Marieke       N     3      5.5   9.0    7.0
 6-7  Druyvensteyn, Arnoud  NL    2.5    7.5  13.0    8.5
      Wentzler, Angelo      NL    2.5    7.5  12.0    7.5
8-10  Van den Branden, Kurt B     2     10.0  18.0    9.0
      Stuyck, An            B     2      7.5  11.0    5.0
      Stulemeijer, Wynke    NL    2      5.0   9.5    5.0
11-12 Wiegman, Arjan        NL    0.5    7.0  12.5    1.0
      Van de Perre, Patrick B     0.5    7.0  10.5    1.0

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