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Publisher: Don & Co NV
Don & Co initially published GIPF as an independent in 1997. It came to a colaboration with Schmidt Spiele in Germany in 1998. TAMSK and ZÉRTZ were published with joined forces. In 2000 the partnership came to an end and Don & Co became independent again.

Don & Co NV
Van Den Nestlei 7, bus 6
2018 Antwerp
Tel: ++32 / 3 / 231 59 90
Fax: ++32 / 3 / 231 12 60

In North-America: Rio Grande Games
Jay Tummelson carries GIPF and TAMSK, and publishes ZÈRTZ  and - soon- DVONN under his own Rio Grande Games brand.

In Germany: Heidelberger
In Japan: Togenkyo Co., Ltd.
In Czech Republic: Hras s.r.o.
In Italy: Stratelibri
In Sweden: Tradition
In The Netherlands: 999 Games

Game design:
Kris Burm
If you have questions about anything concerning Project GIPF as a whole or GIPF, TAMSK, ZÈRTZ and DVONN as separate games, don't hesitate to send an e-mail. You can find his ludography and some interviews in the Project GIPF section of this site.

Site design & maintenance: An Stuyck
The restyling of the GIPF-site was a task that took more than 6 months. But the lady held on - and with style!

GF1: Kurt Van den Branden
Maybe you already downloaded GF1, the free GIPF-program you can find elsewhere on this site. In case you didn't, it's not too late. If you already did, then don't forget to send Kurt Van den Branden a postcard. That's what the man asks in return. Do you remember what a postcard is? A piece of cardboard with a picture of a sunset or so at the front site and a written address and a stamp on the back site. Send it to:

Kurt Van den Branden
Heiveldstraat 72
B - 9120 Beveren

Rankings: Patrick Van de Perre
His title: le Maître des Points. He, being a former competition chess player (still is…) , sacrificed himself to be responsible for converting the results of all the officially played games into a ranking list. If you have questions about the ratings - e.g. you're not happy with your Elo-points -, he's the one who'll explain why things are what they are.

GIPF, TAMSK, ZÈRTZ, DVONN and YINSH ® & © Don & Co NV. Content © Kris Burm. All rights reserved.