Solution 2

Posibility 6: a1-h5

By doing so, Black has no possibility to defend the GIPF-piece on d4. Whatever he plays, White will always have the possibility to play either (2)h6-h4;xGd4 or (2)i4-g6;Gd4. All other attacks on a Black GIPF-piece can be countered:

If White: d2 then Black: c1-e3 or b6-e6
If White: h3 then Black: b6-e6
If White: c1 then Black: f1-f4 (White x)
If White: b3 then Black: f1-f4 (idem)
If White: h4 then Black: i4-f4 (idem)
If White: g1-g3 then Black: f1-f4 (idem)
If White: c7-c4 then Black: f1-f4 (idem)

(To check these counter moves, look at the initial diagram of the problem.)