Solution 2
(Online GIPF Puzzle Contest)

White: i3-f6

White's first concern was that Black was holding the last move. So, he had to look for a way to get piece back into his reserve. 1.i3-f6 makes sure that he will, because Black can't play 1…g1-g6 (which would leave 2.h6-b3;xGc4).
Now it is Black who must look for a way to recycle pieces. That in itself is not too difficult (e.g. 1…f2 would be sufficient) but he has a problem: if White captures on the c7-i3 line, it will clear spot d7, through which he establishes an attack on Gd5. Black has no move which can make sure he can form himself a row with his next move and break White's attack on his last GIPF-piece at the same time.

Note that 1.c7-e7 would not have been a win for White, because then 1…g1-g6 would have left White no way to recycle pieces.

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