2nd Forum Ranking Tournament

Organization: games club Forum
Place: Fort Merksem, Merksem (B)
Date: September 15, 2000
Format: Swiss system, 5 rounds, 20 min. player/game
Participants: 12

"Le Koen" wins third title

Koen de Jongh (NL) has won his 3rd GIPF ranking tournament. That makes that he closed the gap between him and Joshi Ikkai (J). As you may remember, Yoshi won the first WC in London in the summer 2000, which made him, at that time, the only Gipfer with 3 titles. Now they are two again.
Maître Van de Perre (B) was only a faction away from his first victory. He, too, scored 4 out of 5 and, more over, he was the only player who beat Koen that day. Their MB- and B-coefficient were the same, so it was the progress-score that made the difference - and Le Koen's was better…

No Name score 1 2 3 4 5
1. De Jongh, Koen 4 6:W 4:W 3:W 2:L 5:W
2. Van De Perre, Patrick 4 7:W 5:L 11:W 1:W 4:W
3. De Meester, Aksel 3 8:W 12:W 1:L 5:L 9:W
4. Daelemans, Karel 3 9:W 1:L 5:W 10:W 2:L
5. Van Den Branden, Kurt 3 10:W 2:W 4:L 3:W 1:L
6. Pauwels, Rita 2 1:L 9:L 12:W 11:L 8:W
7. Vermeulen, Felix 2 2:L 10:L 8:W 12:W 11:L
8. Beersmans, Johan 0 3:L 11:L 7:L 9:L 6:L
9. De Laet, André 2 4:L 6:W 10:L 8:W 3:L
10. Hanzen, Werner 3 5:L 7:W 9:W 4:L 12:W
11. Torfs, Frank 3 12:L 8:W 2:L 6:W 7:W
12. Van Aelst, Frédéric 1 11:W 3:L 6:L 7:L 10:L

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