Ranking Tournament

Organization: Spielelagune Saar
Place: Schlosstheater, Ottweiler-Saar (D)
Date: December 4, 2000
Format: Swiss system, 5 rounds, 20 min. player/game
Participants: 12

Belgians controle 1st German GIPF event

Twelve Gipfers gathered in a place called Ottweiler-Saar. Sebastion Conrad, a prominent player of the local game club, had figured out that the local Christmas market, being the start of the local Christmas season, would bring the players in a perfect mood for the first GIPF ranking tournament on German soil. With Santa Claus' bless!
3 Belgians didn't want to miss this "première" and made the trip all the way to the cosy little village next to Saarbrücken: Kurt Vandenbranden en the cousins Romeo and Raf Ruyters. And their appearance didn't remain unnoticed: the Germans were playing for the 4th place...
However, the final results may suggest that it was a walk over and that certainly wasn't the case. In particular Jochen Bedersdorfer, Hans Decker and Joerg Steffen gave the Belgians something to sweat about. Kurt, Raf and Romeo snatched at least one point each at the very final moment, for no other reasons than that their respective opponents were lacking the experience to finish a virtually won game within the time limit. If only one of them would have been able to hold onto to his won position, the results would have been quite different from the results below:


No Name Total 1 2 3 4 5
1. Bedersdorfer, Jochen 3 7:L 6:W 11:W 2:W 12:L
2. Berger, Joshua 1 8:L 10:W 5:L 1:L 6:L
3. Cornelius, Kevin 2 9:W 11:L 4:L 10:W 8:L
4. Decker, Hans 3 10:W 8:L 3:W 12:L 5:W
5. Grimm, Roland 2 11:L 9:W 2:W 7:L 4:L
6. Kirsch, Christoph 2 12:L 1:L 10:L 9:W 2:W
7. Ruyters, Romeo 5 1:W 12:W 8:W 5:W 11:W
8. Ruyters, Raf 4 2:W 4:W 7:L 11:W 3:W
9. Scheib, Timo 0 3:L 5:L 12:L 6:L 10:L
10. Scheib, Klaus 2 4:L 2:L 6:W 3:L 9:W
11. Steffen, Joerg 2 5:W 3:W 1:L 8:L 7:L
12. Van Den Branden, Kurt 4 6:W 7:L 9:W 4:W 1:W

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