Ranking Tournament (Dutch GRC 2002, heat 1/4)

Organization: EGO
Place: Utrecht, Ducosim Convention
Date: Feb 2, 2002
Format: Swiss system, 5 rounds, 30 min. player/game
Participants: 12

Patrick Van de Perre gets another win in The Netherlands

A great and special day in the history of the Netherlands. Not because of the wedding of Willem-Alexander and Maxima, but that morning the first Dutch GIPF Regularity Contest took off.

Sadly some favorites like Werner Dupont (B) and EGO-member Ad Rovers (NL) could not participate. (Perhaps because of certains links with the Ducht royal family?) Never mind, twelve people from two countries gathered in Utrecht to see who's going to become the most regular player on Dutch soil in 2002 - that is, to play the first of four heats. Among them reigning GRC Champion Kurt Van den Branden (B), who made a good start in the Dutch edition as well. In the third round he encountered Patrick Van de Perre (B) and had to bite the dust. Patrick, who seems to feel well at home on Dutch soil (he won his first major title in The Netherlands, i.e. the Dutch Open GIPF Championchip in 2001), kept his drive and won his two next games. That made him the only player with 5 wins out of 5 games.

EGO congratulates him with his win and thanks all other players for making the event a success, simply by being there.


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