GIPF Ranking Tournament

Final event of the 2nd Project GIPF Weekend

Organization: Project GIPF Center
Place: Youth Hostel 't Pannenhuis, Nijlen (B)
Date: March 23, 2003
Format: Swiss system, 6 rounds, 20 min. player/game
Participants: 20

Werner Dupont back in shape!

Hmmm, strange start: all of the favourits - ahum, but *Jix* - lost a game in an early stage. Only 2 players remained unbeaten after 3 rounds: Jix and Nico Habraken. Jix won against Nico in the 4th round, which meant that he was the only one left with 4 points. But then he met Werner Dupont. Werner had done not too well the last tournaments. This time he had lost against André De Leat in the 2nd round, but striked back with wins against Christof Nuyttens and Jeroen Weyn. Next he left Jix no chance and he ended by beating Patrick Van de Perre. Jix ended with a win against Kurt Van den Branden. That made that Werner and Jix gathered both 5 wins, but since Werner had beaten Jix in the 5th round, it was only logic that he got the title. Jix's second place was less logic, because Kurt should never have lost his match in the 6th round against him. Jix was in a completely lost situation; Kurt had still over 10 minutes on his clock and was leading by 5 pieces, yet for some (still unknown) reason he did not succeed in finishing the game; again and again he left Jix a way to get pieces back into his reserve - and then, suddenly, Kurt's flag fell! Very strange, because Kurt is one of the most experienced players. And since it was the very last game of the last tournament of the complete Project GIPF weekend, this loss appeared to be very expensive! Kurt knew that! If he had won, he would not only have ended the GIPF-tournament on a shared first place with Werner, but he would also have had the chance to become the Project GIPF Champion for the second consecutive time! Now, as things went, he came just one point short: that one point he should not have lost!

3 players ended on the 3rd place with 4 wins: Patrick Van de Perre, Jeroen Weyn (and by doing so, he secured his first place in the overall standings), and the surprise of the day: Frédéric Van Aelst, who first won against newcomer Koen princen, and next against former tournament winners Rita pauwels, André De Laet and Boris Ammerlaan.

Cross table

No  Name                   Rtg    1    2    3    4    5    6
1. Van de Perre, Patrick 1765 10:W 6:L 5:W 8:W 9:W 2:L 2. Dupont, Werner 1761 12:W 5:L 14:W 6:W 3:W 1:W 3. Demerco, Jix 1747 13:W 8:W 6:W 9:W 2:L 4:W 4. Van den Branden, Kurt 1733 14:W 7:W 9:L 11:W 12:W 3:L 5. De Laet, André 1599 15:W 2:W 1:L 12:L 8:L 18:W 6. Weyn, Jeroen 1585 16:W 1:W 3:L 2:L 13:W 9:W 7. Pauwels, Rita 1539 17:W 4:L 12:L 16:W 18:L 15:W 8. Ammerlaan, Boris 1465 18:W 3:L 19:W 1:L 5:W 12:L 9. Habraken, Nico 1448 20:W 10:W 4:W 3:L 1:L 6:L 10. Cannoodt, Johannes 1429 1:L 9:L 16:L 20:W 14:W 19:W 11. Burm, Jo 1411 : 16:W 18:W 4:L 15:L 13:W 12. Van Aelst, Frédéric 1404 2:L 17:W 7:W 5:W 4:L 8:W 13. Reitz, Michael 1379 3:L 18:L 17:W 19:W 6:L 11:L 14. Nuyttens, Christof 1315 4:L 20:W 2:L 18:L 10:L 16:W 15. Passmann, Hennes 1312 5:L 19:L 20:L 17:W 11:W 7:L 16. de Leeuw van W., Gijs 6:L 11:L 10:W 7:L 20:W 14:L 17. Princen, Koen 7:L 12:L 13:L 15:L 19:L 20:W 18. Van Bragt, Frank 8:L 13:W 11:L 14:W 7:W 5:L 19. van Schaik, John : 15:W 8:L 13:L 17:W 10:L 20. Verbraeken, Eric 9:L 14:L 15:W 10:L 16:L 17:L

Place Name                         Nat. pts  M-B.  Buch. Progr.

1-2   Dupont, Werner                B    5   15.0  22.0  16.0
      Demerco, Jix                  B    5   14.0  21.0  19.0
3-6   Weyn, Jeroen                  B    4   14.0  21.0  14.0
      Van de Perre, Patrick         B    4   13.0  20.0  16.0
      Van Aelst, Frédéric           B    4   13.0  19.0  13.0
7-13  Habraken, Nico                B    3   15.0  21.0  15.0
      De Laet, André                B    3   14.0  21.0  12.0
      Ammerlaan, Boris              NL   3   14.0  21.0  12.0
      Pauwels, Rita                 B    3   11.0  16.0  10.0
      Van Bragt, Frank              B    3   11.0  16.0  10.0
      Burm, Jo                      B    3   10.0  16.0  10.0
      Cannoodt, Johannes            B    3    9.0  14.0   6.0
14-18 Reitz, Michael                D    2   12.0  18.0   7.0
      Nuyttens, Christof            B    2   12.0  18.0   6.0
      de Leeuw van Wenen, Gijs      NL   2   11.0  16.0   6.0
      van Schaik, John              NL   2   10.0  14.0   7.0
      Passmann, Hennes              NL   2    9.0  13.0   5.0
19-20 Princen, Koen                 B    1    9.0  14.0   1.0
      Verbraeken, Eric              B    1    9.0  13.0   4.0

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