H. Extra basic pieces to play "Ultimate GIPF"

As every GIPF-player knows, a GIPF-piece consists of two basic pieces stacked one atop another. As such, basic pieces can also be seen as potentials – as mother-potentials, in fact, because these are the only pieces that have the potential to create GIPF-pieces. Basic pieces are also the only pieces that can return to the reserve. GIPF (all the GIPF-pieces of a player on the board together with all the basic pieces in his reserve) represents the potential of a player. If a player has no potential left (no basic pieces in his reserve and no GIPF-pieces on the board), he cannot go on with the game.

To play ultimate GIPF, you need:

  • 3 potentials of each kind per player (3 TAMSK-, 3 ZÈRTZ-, 3 DVONN- 3 YINSH- and 3 PÜNCT-potentials).
  • You also need the 3 extra basic pieces per player. These represent the GIPF-potential (though they can just as well be considered as normal basic pieces, so you are not obliged to use them to make GIPF-pieces).
  • The regular 18 basic pieces to play the tournament version (though each of these basic pieces can just as well be used as GIPF-potential, so you can use them to make more than 3 GIPF-pieces.)

You now have 18 basic pieces and 18 potentials. Start the game according to the tournament rules. First introduce any number of GIPF-pieces (as mentioned above, not necessarily 3) and go on bringing your loaded pieces into play. When all your potentials are on the board, keep going with basic pieces…

You cannot be prepared to what you’ll encounter. Too much chaos! But just try it, hold on, see what happens - and suddenly you’ll find out that you’ve entered a completely new and exciting cosmos! Step further into it!

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