F. The YINSH-potential

Use of the special ability.

The YINSH-potential has......................................................
a little furrow running through its middle.

1. The YINSH-potential has the ability to run the lines on the board.

2. The use is simple: take the potential from the basic piece (i.e. “unload” the loaded piece) and move it along a line. You may move it to an adjacent vacant spot, or to any vacant spot that you can reach in a straight line without jumping over pieces. The YINSH-potentials cannot jump.

3. The potential must remain in play; you may not move it onto a black dot.

4. The consequences of moving a YINSH-potential are exactly the same as when playing with a piece out of the reserve. It is thus possible to capture pieces with the move of a YINSH-potential.

5. A used potential may not be left on the board when it is part of a row that must be removed. (See General use, point 9.)

The YINSH-potential can be used with or without connecting YINSH to GIPF. If you play without YINSH, you may use the special ability of the potential as described above, without further notice. First try it out at least a few times like that before you start combining games.

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