TAMSK is the second game of Project GIPF. It is played under permanent time pressure. Both players start the game with 3 hour-glasses and 32 rings. The hour-glasses are the playing pieces; the aim is to get rid of as many rings as possible. Each turn you must move one of your hour-glasses and turn it over; next you may play a ring in the newly covered space. The more spaces you visit, the more rings you will be able to play. But the more rings you play, the more difficult it will become to move your hour-glasses. Watch your hour-glasses closely; each one that runs out of time is lost! TAMSK introduces time as a substantial strategic element. If you are prepared to think fast and to play quickly without losing your cool, then you have the right attitude. Enjoy the pressure!

If you want information about the TAMSK-potentials, go to the Project GIPF section of this site.

Some of the words about TAMSK:

Stephen Tavener in "Games Games Games"
This game has been an instant hit with just about everyone who has played it.

Stephan van Löchtern in "Spieltrieb"
TAMSK ist ein wirklich hervorragendes Spiel, das auf geniale Art die Zeit als zentrales Element in ein Spiel einführt.

Andreas Keirat in "Spielphase"
Trotzdem ist das Spiel sicherlich ein Highlight des Jahres.

Birgit und Peter Költringer in "Luding"
"Tamsk" ist gelungen, daran besteht kein Zweifel.

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