World Championship

Organization: MSO & Project GIPF Center
Place: South Bank University, London
Date: August 26, 2001
Format: Swiss system, 7 rounds, 15 min. player/game
Participants: 11

Christof Nuyttens and Sebastian Beasdale with 6 wins...

Everybody thought that the ZÈRTZ WC was going to become a duel between Stephen Tavener (GB) and Michael Reitz (D), but it didn't turn out that way. Both had been teaching the others all they knew about the game and apparently they did it a bit too well. Christof Nuyttens (B) and Sebastian Bleasdale (GB) had been very attentive listeners and, once the championship was started, confronted the others whit what they had learned. They played very solid and scored 6 wins each, but Christof had won his game against Sebastian and that was rewarded with the title of first ZÈRTZ world champion. Sebastian got silver and Stephen Tavener got the bronze medal for his 5 wins.


Place Name                   Nat. Score 

1-2   Nuyttens, Christof     B      6
      Bleasdale, Sebastian   GB     6
3     Tavener, Stephen       GB     5
4-6   Dupont, Werner         B      4
      Ragnarsson, Carl       S      4 
      Reitz, Michael         D      4 
7-9   Lutton, Josiah         GB     3
      Van den Branden, Kurt  B      3 
      Van de Perre, Patrick  B      3   
10-11 Delvaux, Johan         B      2
      Pauwels, Rita          B      2  


No  Name                  Nat.   1    2    3    4    5    6    7   

1.  Tavener, Stephen      GB    6:W  5:L 10:W  3:L  4:W  2:W  9:W
2.  Reitz, Michael        D     7:W  9:L 11:W  6:W  5:L  1:L   :W
3.  Bleasdale, Sebastian  GB    8:W 11:W  5:W  1:W  7:L  9:W 10:W
4.  Delvaux, Johan        B     9:L  7:L  6:L   :W  1:L 10:L  8:W
5.  Dupont, Werner        B    10:W  1:W  3:L  9:L  2:W   :W  7:L
6.  Lutton, Josiah        GB    1:L  8:W  4:W  2:L   :W  7:L 11:L
7.  Nuyttens, Christof    B     2:L  4:W  9:W  8:W  3:W  6:W  5:W
8.  Pauwels, Rita         B     3:L  6:L   :W  7:L 10:L 11:W  4:L
9.  Ragnarsson, Carl      S     4:W  2:W  7:L  5:W 11:W  3:L  1:L
10. Van de Perre, Patrick B     5:L   :W  1:L 11:L  8:W  4:W  3:L
11. Van den Branden, Kurt B      :W  3:L  2:L 10:W  9:L  8:L  6:W

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