E-mail tournament

Organization: Jeroen Weyn, in cooperation with Richard's PBeM server
Place: Richard's PBeM server
Date: October, 2001, to December, 2002
Format: Round Robin, 2 rounds
Participants: 11

Number 1 seat wins.

This was an e-mail tournament, so the rankings on Richard's PBeM server were a good indication of who were the favourites. And they lived upto their status: mreitz, dglaude and scat, the top 3, qualified for the final round, and so did kurtvdb. Michael Reitz (D), the current highest ranked player, won all of his games and became the first E-ZÈRTZ champion. Dglaude was second and scat third. Kurtvdb, who had won the ZÈRTZ-tournament during the Project GIPF weekend with 5 straight wins, amongst others against Mreitz, had to understand that playing by e-mail is not the same as playing in real time. He ended fourth.
Special thanks to Jeroen Weyn, who took the initiative to organise this event.

Qualification round

Nico, mreitz and scat needed to play a tie breaker, but Nico resigned. So, mreitz and scat went through to the final round.

Final round