ZÈRTZ Ranking Tournament

Part 2 of the French "Championnat Projet GIPF"
Organization: Festival International des Jeux
Place: Palais des Festivals et des Congres, Cannes, France
Date: 26 February 2005
Format: Round Robin, 4 rounds, 15 min. player/game
Participants: 5

First victory for France

The very first time that a French dude has won a Project GIPF tournament. Pol Morin (FR) scored 4 convincing wins! Michael Reitz (D) and Kurt Van Den Branden (B) are amongst the best players, so he did not get his victory the easy way. Three players ended with 2 wins each but, since Michael won against Kurt and Kurt won against Frédéric and Frédéric won against Michael, there was no manner to break the tie. So Michael Reitz, Kurt Van Den Branden, and Frédéric Simon (F) shared the 2nd place.

Cross Table

No Name Nat Pts #1 #2 #3 #4 #5
1. Reitz, Michael D - W W L L
2. Van Den Branden, Kurt B  2 L - W W L
3. Van De Perre, Patrick B  0 L L - L L
4. Simon, Frédéric F  2 W L W - L
5. Morin, Pol F  4 W W W W -




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