A brand new tool to study ZÈRTZ: ZF1, a program written by Michael Reitz. Without A.I., but with plenty of features to make a thorough analysis of any ZÈRTZ situation that you can possibly encounter.

And here's another a good advise if you want to improve your play: when you're playing a game of ZÈRTZ and you find yourself confronted with a intresting situation, draw a diagram of it. When the game is finished - or some other time - you can have a look at it again - e.g. by making use of using ZF1 !

Here are two PDF-files, one with diagrams of ZÈRTZ with 37 rings, and one with diagrams of ZÈRTZ with 48 rings. That will make it easier to make drawings. The diagram of ZÈRTZ with 37 rings looks as shown below. Note down W's, G's and B's for, respectively, White, Grey and Black marbles and strike out the rings that have been removed.

ZÈRTZ with 37 rings

ZÈRTZ with 48 rings

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