December 9, 2008


- TZAAR on You Tube
- Report of the Project GIPF WC

September 25, 2008


- Final details of the PG World Championship

July 28, 2008


- 10 years Project GIPF

April 5, 2008

- The Project GIPF site
- FAQs
- Availability of TZAAR


- Answers to many questions


- A complete new section has been added.

November 11, 2006

The rules to play with the YINSH- and PÜNCT-potentails have been put online.
Go to the Project GIPF section, and klick on "Potentials".

October 6, 2006


- Alive & kicking
- Project GIPF transfered to SMART
- Release GIPF Set 3 during "Spiel 06" in Essen, Germany
- Potentials: rule adjustment

December 16, 2005


- PÜNCT in Essen
- PÜNCT online
- Gambit wins 1st season of GIPF League
- ZÈRTZ on Boîte à Jeux
- *Sceau d'Exellence* for YINSH

Agenda: multi-games-tournament in the Netherlands.

A FAQ page has been added to the PÜNCT-section.

October 20 , 2005

A PÜNCT-section has been add to this site.

September 11, 2005


- It has a name: PÜNCT.

June 22, 2005


- The final game is on its way...
- ... but GIPF set 3 is postponed.
- New site to play YINSH.
- Start of an online GIPF League.
- Signed copies of GIPF with original test-pieces to win.
- New TAMSK rule.

March 7, 2005


- Michael Reits wins the Project GIPF Championship in Cannes, France.

February 19, 2005

- Finally! TAMSK will become available again in a few months!

January 18, 2005

- More about the *Project GIPF Championship* in Cannes!
- Yoshi Ikkai (J) remains the highest ranked GIPF-player
- Sharkey wins the ZÈRTZ by e-mail tournament on Richard's PBeM server, and mreitz en ddyer are the winners of the second ZÈRTZ+11 league.

New GIPF and ZÈRTZ  rankings.
In the Agenda you'll find all you need to know about the Project GIPF Championship during de *Festival International des Jeux* in Cannes, France.

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