Because the way of noting down a game of GIPF has changed, we are currently adjusting the games in the archive. Some are online yet, the rest will follow as soon as the adjustments are made.

Games played in 2001
Games played in 2000
Games played in 1999
Games played in 1998


GIPF computer program championship
6th Computerprogram Olympiad, Maastricht, NL (August 18-23, 2001)
GF1 versus Gipfted (round 1) *new*
Gipfted versus GF1 (round 2) *new*
GF1 versus Gipfted (round 3) *new*


4th Open Gipf, Stadsfeestzaal, Antwerpen, B (November 19, 2000)
Koen de Jongh (NL) vs Dirk Monsieur (B) (round 1)
Kurt Van den Branden (B) vs Romeo Ruyters (B) (round 1) *new*
Aksel De Meester (B) vs Patrick Van de Perre (B) (round 2) *new*
Karel Daelemans (B) vs Romeo Ruyters (B) (round 3)
Walter Jacobs (B) vs Aksel De Meester (B) (round 3) *new*
Dirk Monsieur (B) vs Karel Daelemans (B) (round 4)
Aksel De Meester (B) vs Kurt Van den Branden (B) (round 4) *new*

WC, Alexandra Palace, London, GB (August 26, 2000)
Karel Daelemans - Yoshi Ikkai (round 2)
Patrick Van de Perre - Werner Dupont (round 3)
Koen de Jongh - Patrick Van de Perre (round 4)
Werner Dupont - Koen de Jongh (round 5)
Yoshi Ikkai - Patrick Van de Perre (round 6)
Werner Dupont - Yoshi Ikkai (round 7)

MSO3 Championship, London, GB (August 29, 1999)
K. Daelemans - W. Dupont (round 2)
Y. Ikkai - W. Dupont (round 7)

Spieleburg Initiation Tournament, Osaka, J (July 25, 1999)
Daiki Hayashi - Kitamura Taiji (round 5)


2nd Open GIPF, Stadsfeestzaal, Antwerpen, B (November 11, 1998)
Rita Pauwels - P. Van de Perre
K. Van den Branden - A. De Meester
Serge Alard - Aksel De Meester
Stephen Tavener - Koen de Jongh
Koen de Jongh - Maurice Engelaer
Stephen Tavener - Mozes De Bruyn
Stephen Tavener - Walter Jacobs (semi final)
Aksel De Meester - Koen De Jongh (semi final)
Aksel De Meester - S. Tavener (final B)
Walter Jacobs - Koen de Jongh (final A)

Forum Ranking Tournament, Mortsel, B (September 25, 1998)
K. Van den Branden - Raf Ruyters
Guy Reyniers - Romeo Ruyters

Club Championship, Antwerp, B (August 8, 1998)
Koen de Jongh - Karel Daelemens

Outpost Ranking Tournament, Antwerp, B (June 27, 1998)

P. Van de Perre - K. de Jongh (final)


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